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I do this to help us all and because visual is always better then me. I have a truck in right now that has a fuel leak coming from the gasket on the supply tube plate and i was considering selling the blue spring fuel update at the same time because i will be in there already.

Oil Cooler Install 2007 F350 Ford Powerstroke Diesel Forum

Turbochargers and compressor wheel upgrades.

Diesel tech ron oil cooler. The ford 6.0 powerstroke is a great engine with some proper modifications to address trouble areas. That's where my critique came from. Also bill at powerstroke help has videos on same topic as well as one about ccv mods and why not to do them but like i said don’t recall oil in coolant being one of the.

We have install several of these remote oil cooler systems, along with the egr coolers, water pumps, head. I have found, and am planning on following diesel tech ron’s video on flushing cooling system after contamination from said problem. Ron, ase certified technician replied 9 years ago.

Egr cooler egr valve oil cooler bulletproofing turbo headstuds computer programing engine upgrades exterior upgrades transmissions fuel filter off road lighting exhaust intake coolant filter 4×4 repair drivability. Genuine ford updated oil cooler $439.83 $315.00. I'm ford certified diesel master tech.

I have an 04 f450 with a 6.0 diesel. I've tried to pinpoint it with an inspection camera but cannot find an oil trail coming form the top of the engine. I did speak with the diesel tech who seemed pretty good so that's reassuring.

The only thing to watch out for on the 6.0l diesels is the head gaskets, egr cooler, and oil cooler. Do not cheap on non motorcraft parts. I stand by it, and for more info i have been and will be a flat rate tech in this industry till i retire.

After a mile, the truck died. I have a 2004 f250 6.0 diesel with an oil leak at the front driver corner of the engine. Quickly gave me the info along with videos by diesel tech ron to diagnose and properly repair my 6.0 powerstroke.

Powerstrokearmy > power strokes > 6.0 tech: Bpd billet water pump, bpd vk688 oil cooler kit, s&b cai. Its not that hard a job.

Bullet proof engine diesel says their oil cooler kit offers more effective engine oil cooling, which translates into improved cooling of the egr cooler, leading to increased It gets better eventually lol. I've been working on these since they came out and i've been with ford since 1982.

Hahaha i said the same thing, right after my turbo came off on the highway, then my water pump dumped 20 miles of the highway at camp. I suspect the top of the engine because i just replaced the oil cooler. As seen in diesel tech ron's videos.

The way to avoid this is to have the coolers replaced by stainless steel pieces aftermarket. I am a ford certified diesel mastertech and i'm here to help! Hey guys, after we finished installing the bpd oil cooler relocation we got everything buttoned up, primed the hpop system via diesel tech ron's instructions on one of his videos and went for a drive.

Now it is time to remove the intake, take the 2 bolts out of the egr cooler at the front of the intake (deep well 10mm socket) and remove the clamp that holds the egr cooler to the up pipe. Since we now know the root of many. As seen in diesel tech ron's videos.

The cost of doing an oem cooler is about 500.00 if you do it on the cheap so really these relocation kits with the discount are not the cost of 5 oil cooler jobs like mentioned and with the ease of maintenance this will likely be the last oil cooler you need imo _____ I consider myself very mechanically inclined but never cracked into a 6.0. Especially the oil cooler and the important gasket kits that come with this part.

Got it back to the shop and read somewhere to check the ipr screen. Diesel repair specializing in ford power stroke 6.0l,6.4l,6.7l,7.3l bumper to bumper repairs some of the products and services we offer: They will pop the egr and oil coolers and then pop head gaskets, pretty much at the same time.

Covered in mud during a rain/snow burst. Tomorrow i'm starting on my xdp oil cooler and egr delete and i'm a little nervous. This is by far the best products on the market.

This problem is very common and it is caused by a bad oil cooler. Oem ford replacement oil cooler kit part. Ever hear of bostech oil coolers?

Ever hear of bostech oil coolers? I have never done this repair personally but have seen it done on youtube (diesel tech ron). Oh wait i own a diesel repair shop and use my real man fidget spinners on 6.0/6.4s everyday.

Replaced the oil cooler and the ficm goes out #just6.0things. Once the turbo is removed take the 4 bolts out of the turbo mount (10mm socket) and remove the mount and turbo oil drain tube. I e done a lot of reading and hate to beat a dead horse but what should i know going into this, thanks!

He suspects galley plugs or cam shaft seal but who knows.

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Oil Cooler Install 2007 F350 Ford Powerstroke Diesel Forum

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