War Thunder German Tech Tree Guide

However, trying to climb with these bad boys can overheat your engines, so you need to be careful and pace yourself. Everything is rb so good luck here is.

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Interceptor · air defence · jet.

War thunder german tech tree guide. And that is celebrated with a traditional sale across the board! There are so many airplanes available, you do not know where to begin your journey in unlocking each and every beautiful aircraft. The workhorse fighter of the german tree is me 109 (listed as its official military designation in game as the bf 109).

Light · dive · long range · frontline · jet. This category currently contains no pages or media. I will list the tanks in the tech tree order note #2:

This guide tries to give (new) players a hand to find out what airplanes they should be aiming for, in my opinion. Germany has some amazing line ups in this br range. Here you can learn about the game mechanics and how to use the vehicles in virtual battles.

If you can handle it and get good k/d with it, you can handle most german fighters. I play this game since 2013 when the game launched it was actually. Here i'll go over the premium tech tree of each nation and give my personal opinions on a majority of premium tanks in each tech tree;

There are a total of 127 planes in great britain’s tech tree. War thunder is becoming 9 years old! The do 217, me 110 and 410, and hs 129 are the essential german ground attack aircraft.

German and japan tech tree using a wwii flag which finally used before 1945. Good speed combined with excellent maneuverabilty and heavy firepower means this plane will dominate most other opponents. I see no real reason to add this tank to the russian tech tree with the current state of brs.

I will update as soon as i have another tank. The german tech tree contains a lot of interesting vehicles: Although, this vehicle was designed for export, i think it'd make a nice addition to the german tech tree right after the wiesel 1a4 or in a future armored car line.

Premium aircraft · bundle & gift aircraft · squadron aircraft. Still, i suggest you get he 100 soon, it's a good introduction to overall german fighting style. I will not go over every tank!

The flag icon beside the country name. If you are new to war thunder seeing the tech tree can be quite impressive. Guide to manual engine controls · vtol.

Mk 20 rh 202 20mm autocannon and 1x 7.62mm mg Bombers aren't good until me 264, afterwards they're one of best due to speed, good payload and often good defensive armament. Hello, i've started grinding japanese tech tree a while ago(less than a year), so far i got type 61.

The exchange of vehicle receiving order takes place in the “workshop → future technologies” window and becomes available at a specified time. The spitfires are a force to be reckoned with. Of course, if all else fails, you'd likely still be an incredibly effective scout for your team.

Moreover, uk’s tech tree offers spitfires, which are one of the hardest hitters you’ll find in war thunder. So you need to have at least 6 german ground vehicles from rank iv (premium or not). But this isnt the case, so the only real point of this being in the game is to make the grind to the t.

You get vehicle coupons that can be activated for your account or to sell on the exchange. But italy and china are using post wwii flags which exist since 1946 and 1949. There is no a time in the history when nazi german, japan empire, prchina, repubblica italiana exist together.

You will be able to find maus on the right side of the german tech tree, next to premium and event vehicles.

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